Cardano is a public blockchain and fully open-source cryptocurrency project.
Starting from its Shelley release it requires decentralized node servers to validate and secure the blockchain.
Cardano ADA holders can join the project and earn rewards staking their ADA.
The staking process allows holders to keep complete control of their own ADAs delegating only their figurative value to a stake pool.
The stake pool will reward delegators on the end of each epoch (5 days).


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Federico is an Italian ADA enthusiast, located in China, with more than 20 years of experience on system administration and development. Traveller, photographer, his interest on cryptocurrencies started on 2012 but it’s the recently discovered Cardano scientific rigor and Charles Hoskinson’s vision that caught him the most.

During the Incentivized Test Network (ITN) he ran two stake pools (COOL and CALM) that reached the top ranking in both Profitability and Performance.


Kevin is a Korean activist and ADA enthusiast with Cyber-security expertise.

Since June 2018 he manages a naver portal site for an ADA community of 900 people

On June 6th , 2018 together with his teammates Kevin reached the 2nd place and won 2,000 USD at KISA-NH Blockchain Hackathon.

He organized three Cardano Meetup:

    At the end of 2019 he stood up for 1,000 ADA holders that lost coins on Upbit hacking in order to obtain a compensation from the famous Korean exchange. On March 18th 2020 Upbit announced ITN support on behalf of ADA holders.

    During the Incentivized Test Network (ITN) he ran two stake pools (KORDA and KOR02).

    Since the beginning of ITN Kevin and Federico built trust on each other and finally they decided to cooperate on COOL startup on mainnet